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Arizona House passes bill to put more restrictions on voter registration

The state House voted Monday to create some new crimes for certain voter-registration activities in a move several lawmakers suggested will suppress voting, particularly by the young and minorities.

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Arizona legislation would bar cities, counties from regulating landlords

HB 2115 would leave untouched any ordinance that already was in place at the beginning of the year. But the measure, approved by the Senate Government Committee on a 4-3 party-line vote, says anything new would be strictly off limits.

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Arizona company hopes to create nation’s largest marijuana dispensary operation

PHOENIX -- An Arizona firm that already grows, processes and sells marijuana in multiple states is buying another company to create was will likely be the nation’s largest operation.

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WATCH: Full interview with U.S. Senator Martha McSally

U.S. Senator Martha McSally made a stop in Cottonwood Friday during her 15-county “two ears, one mouth" tour. She met with community leaders and stakeholders at the Cottonwood Chamber of Commerce building to learn about major issues facing the Verde Valley. We got to catch up for a few minutes to talk about what she learned, as well as water policy, the Cottonwood Land Exchange and more.

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Jaguar attack at zoo may reflect new normal of selfie culture

Wildlife World Zoo officials have said the woman attacked by a jaguar Saturday was taking a selfie. The incident gained national attention, and the woman at the center of it has made various statements.

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WITHOUT THE WALL: Study shows far fewer unauthorized immigrants living in Arizona than 10 years ago

There are a lot fewer people who are here illegally living in key Arizona metropolitan areas than there were a decade ago.

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Scott Bales to retire from Arizona Supreme Court

PHOENIX -- Scott Bales, chief justice of the Arizona Supreme Court and the only remaining Democrat on the panel, announced he is retiring at the end of July.

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Arizona takes first step toward statewide ban on use of cellphones while driving

PHOENIX -- By a 2-1 margin the state Senate on Monday approved what would be Arizona’s first-ever universal ban on texting while driving.

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In Arizona, 54-cents for every $1 budgeted for education actually makes it to the classroom

PHOENIX -- With some new money coming into the system, classroom spending in Arizona has increased for the second year in a row.

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Arizona considers religious exemptions to vaccinations

PHOENIX -- Arizona lawmakers approved three measures that foes said could result in fewer children being vaccinated even amid outbreaks of measles in pockets across the nation.

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Rep. Thorpe wants to make it easier for police to stop drivers for seat belt violations

PHOENIX --- If Rep. Bob Thorpe gets his way police will no longer need an excuse to pull over a motorist who isn’t buckled up.

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Arizona lawmakers push to keep edible marijuana products legal

A House committee voted Wednesday to ensure that edible forms of marijuana remain legal in Arizona, no matter what the Arizona Supreme Court decides.

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How much are YOU willing to PAY?

Arizona voters may be asked to boost state sales tax for education

PHOENIX -- A House panel voted Monday to ask voters to sharply increase what they pay in sales taxes to fund public education.

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Drought: Arizona lawmaker vows to press on despite tribe’s threat

PHOENIX -- House Speaker Rusty Bowers is blowing off a threat by the Gila River Indian Community to pull out of the drought contingency plan -- and deny the state its water -- if he pursues his own legislation on forfeiture of water rights.

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Is your cellphone spying on you?

Arizona lawmakers seek disclosure on digital information collected and how it’s used

PHOENIX -- Rep. Kelly Townsend says she knows her phone is watching and listening to her, even when she’s not talking on it.

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Lawmaker seeks judicial-retention vote for city magistrates

Saying magistrates can be squeezed politically, a House panel voted Wednesday to all but strip city councils of their ability to fire them.

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Arizona 107 years old today, Valentine's Day 2019

Arizona became a state on February 14, 1912, the last state in the continental U.S. to achieve statehood.

Senate votes to repeal $32-vehicle-registration fee

State lawmakers are picking another fight with Gov. Doug Ducey over taxes and fees.

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Grant Woods withdraws from U.S. Senate race

The 2020 Senate race claimed its first victim as former Attorney General Grant Woods gave up his plans to run -- as a Democrat.

Lawmaker proposes state tax filing extension to June 15

PHOENIX -- With a stalemate at the Capitol over changes in income tax laws the head of the Senate Finance Committee wants to give Arizonans more time to file their returns.

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Cave Creek man takes lead to recall Stringer

Chris Hanlon has filed the necessary papers with the Secretary of State's Office to begin collecting and spending money. And he said the newly formed organization, Arizona Deserves Better, has members who live in the Prescott Republican's legislative district who are from both parties as well as political independents.

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GOP seeks to block last-minute filing of early ballots

SB 1046 would not deny the right to vote to those who don’t drop their ballots into the mail in time to arrive by Election Day. They would still get the right to cast a regular ballot a polling place.

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Income tax fight puts Arizona tax returns in legal limbo

PHOENIX -- Arizona taxpayers who are ready to start filing their state returns are in a sort of legal and financial limbo because of a fight over income taxes between Gov. Doug Ducey and Republican lawmakers.

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Arizona lawmakers want to limit regulations cities put on landlords

Republican lawmakers agreed to put new limits on the regulations that cities and counties can enact on landlords.

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State schools chief wants to repeal ‘no promo homo’ law

The state’s new schools chief is calling on lawmakers to repeal a law that prohibits any courses on AIDS and HIV from portraying homosexuality “as a positive alternative lifestyle.’’