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U.S. Sen. John McCain, 81, passes Saturday at his Cornville home (with local videos)

Sen. John McCain has discontinued treatment for the deadly brain cancer he has been living with since last summer, his family announced Friday.

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$650K dog bite verdict against sheriff’s office rejected by AZ Supreme Court

PHOENIX -- The state’s high court has thrown out the $650,000 verdict awarded by a jury to a former Pima County resident who was bitten and permanently disfigured by a sheriff’s department dog.

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GOP spending to back Ducey grows to more than $9M

PHOENIX -- The Democrats don’t even have a gubernatorial candidate yet.

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Ken Bennett claims state computer error denied him public election funding

PHOENIX -- Gubernatorial hopeful Ken Bennett is blaming Secretary of State Michele Reagan for coming up short of the $5 donations he needs to qualify for public funding.

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Judge to decide if ‘Dark money’ initiative can move forward

Subpoenaed petition circulators fail to show up for court

PHOENIX -- The question of whether voters get to decide whether to outlaw “dark money’’ could depend on whether a judge voids a law that throws a hurdle in the path of initiative organizers.

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Tribal energy loan program starts, more than a decade after its OK

More than 10 years after it was first approved, a federal loan program for tribal energy development projects will accept its first applications next month.

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Judge ruling allows voters to get final say on education tax initiative

A judge has slapped down efforts by the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry to block people from voting whether to hike income taxes on the rich to generate $690 million a year for education.

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Arizonans got 78.3 million robocalls in June

Part of a boom nationwide

WASHINGTON – Robocalls skyrocketed for every area code in Arizona in the first half of this year, reaching 78.3 million calls in June alone, according to data compiled by a firm that sells call-blocking software.

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Education tax hike on wealthy hinges on difference between ‘percent’ vs. ‘percentage point’

At a hearing Tuesday, both sides agreed that the Invest in Ed initiative would boost the tax rate on earnings above $250,000 a year for individuals and $500,000 from 4.54 percent to 8 percent. And what’s clear is that the mathematical difference between the two figures is 3.46.

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Gov. Ducey claims ‘significant measurable progress’ in curbing opioid abuses in Arizona

PHOENIX -- Gov. Doug Ducey is claiming progress on getting the opioid crisis under control even as the rate of overdoses shows no sign of abating.

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Governor says Arizona law trumps papal decree on capital punishment

PHOENIX -- Gov. Doug Ducey said he will obey Arizona law and not Pope Francis who has now declared that the death penalty is unacceptable in all cases.

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All in a (12-hour) day: Lawmakers log long hours despite gridlock

WASHINGTON – It’s 8 a.m. on a recent Wednesday and Rep. Debbie Lesko is standing in the Capitol’s Statuary Hall, steps from a larger-than-life statue of Arizona Sen. Barry Goldwater, waiting for a live television interview.

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As elections near, interest in schools fades for some campaigns

WASHINGTON – When Arizona teachers walked out of their classrooms in April to demand more funding for schools, it forced the issue of education into the headlines.

Despite threat to San Pedro, Court allows 7,000-home development to move forward

PHOENIX -- The Arizona Supreme Court has given the go-ahead to a 7,000-home development near Sierra Vista even if it could dry up the San Pedro River.

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More than a heat wave ... DROUGHT

Study shows climate change responsible for longer, hotter drought cycles

Arizona is in its 21st year of drought, and climate change is bringing longer, more intense heat waves.

Court rules mother of slain Mexican teen can sue Border Patrol for shooting

PHOENIX --- A federal appeals court Tuesday morning ruled the mother of a teen shot by a Border Patrol agent through the fence has a legal right to sue him and the federal government in U.S. courts for damages.

Appeals court throws out challenge to Native American Child Welfare Act

PHOENIX -- A court has thrown out a bid to void a federal law that challengers claim is racist because it places the desires and rights of Native American tribes over the constitutionally protected best interests of children.

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Numbers Game: Ducey, Bennett debate, defend their state fiscal policies

The decision for Republicans on who to nominate for governor could depend on whose numbers they believe.

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Gosar changes social media policy; ACLU drops lawsuit

PHOENIX -- The American Civil Liberties Union has dropped its lawsuit against Congressman Paul Gosar, saying it now has assurances that constituents won’t be blocked from posting comments on his Facebook page he does not like.

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#InvestInEd claims lawmakers deliberately misleading voters

PHOENIX -- Saying voters are purposely being misled, organizers of the #InvestInEd initiative asked a judge on Friday to force lawmakers to recraft the description of the measure that will go to voters.

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Judge rules lawmakers provided misleading information to voters

A judge on Monday ordered lawmakers to provide voters with a bit more information on the changes they want voters to make in the operation of the Citizens Clean Elections Commission.

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ARIZONA SCHOOL REPORT: New WalletHub study provides another low mark for state schools

Arizona schools are near the bottom of the barrel nationally when academics, class size and even student bullying are considered, at least according to a financial advice website.

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Lawmakers OK language for 2018 ballot measures

PHOENIX -- A Republican-dominated legislative committee decided Wednesday that voters don’t need to be told that if they approve a business-backed tax-limiting measure the state could be foregoing more than $5.2 billion a year in revenues.

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Kindergarten teacher American Heritage Academy Camp Verde

At Camp Verde’s American Heritage Academy, Heather Priest is the “light of love.”

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LD6 Arizona House of Representatives Q&A: Bob Thorpe 

I am very concerned with available water and management in the Verde Valley, tourism, business development and job creation.