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Letter: What direction will the county choose on Rojo Grande?

Little by little, new gods, growth, convenience, and more growth assert themselves in the Verde Valley, and soon no sacrifice is unthinkable on their behalf.

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Letter: Parade of Lights a showcase of community volunteerism

Camp Verde Parks & Recreation would like to thank all the citizens who helped to make this year’s Parade of Lights a great success.

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Letter: Outstanding job by Clarkdale Moose Lodge

That was quite a turkey dinner that the Clarkdale Moose Lodge (No. 1449) put on for the seniors in our community last Sunday afternoon.

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Letter: Give a homeless animal a ‘Forever Home’

For 14 years, our four adult Golden Retrievers (Slim, Nancy, Joy, and Kudo) worked as Pet Therapy Dogs at Verde Valley Medical Center.

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Letter: Need for traffic fix obvious for Pelia/Rancho Vista Way

I am contacting you in reference to the amount of traffic on Pelia/Rancho Vista Way.

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Letter: Thanks to all for your love, care and support

The family of Adelina Regina Razo-Gomez extend our most heartfelt thanks to the family and friends that have shown us love and support by joining in our celebration of life and laying to eternal rest our mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, and great-great-grandmother.

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Letter: Parade organizers should work on safety problems

My point is, maybe it would behoove next year’s parade organizers to consider the safety of onlookers more seriously and to provide volunteers and/or police officers to mitigate crowds and traffic, so as to avoid having a very serious accident. It may be as simple as having signs posted along certain congested streets on the parade route to keep people back, or tape off certain residential streets, to block people from parking on those streets.

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Letter: Thanking those who helped on Turkey Tuesday

Thank you to everyone who supported our efforts on Turkey Tuesday.

Letter: VOCA's golden rule: If you don't complain, we don't care

Perhaps those who care to be part of the VOCA need to become more pro active and not reactive after it’s to late?

Letter: Public transportation the answer to local traffic woes

Please forgive my idealism here, but as I continue to hear about traffic woes and a $35 million proposed bridge, I can’t help but wonder why I’m not hearing more talk about public transportation ideas. I see nothing but benefits to starting such a system.

Letter: We need an alternate route from VOC to Sedona

Those of you who tried to use Route 179 during Thanksgiving week know how frustrating it was to go up to Sedona to do anything.

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Letter: Excellent job by VVPOA volunteers on Highway 260 cleanup

I wish to thank and VVPOA volunteers who helped clean up the 2-mile section of Highway 260 that the association covers.

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Letter: Excellent, prompt work by Ron Long and Camp Verde road crew

I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to Ron Long, the Camp Verde town engineer, and his road crew.

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Letter: Verde Valley helping hands made for superb ‘Turkey Tuesday’

The Cottonwood Society of St. Vincent de Paul recently held our annual “Turkey Tuesday” food drive at Food City.

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Letter: Next year don’t forget the ‘Mother of Thanksgiving’

Why was there NO mention of “Mother of Thanksgiving”- Sarah J. Hale  in your two items regarding Thanksgiving?

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Letter: Your gift the perfect present for Giving Angels

Every holiday season thousands of seniors are poverty stricken financially and emotionally as they sit at home alone … feeling forgotten.

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Many thanks to all for aiding mission of Bread of Life Food Bank

Bread of Life Food Bank, founded in 1994, has occupied the same office for years without any updating.

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Letter: Decline of Sedona pretty much true for all of Arizona

As a 6th generation native Arizonan I can relate to Patti Hughes Letter on the decline of Sedona. I feel the same way about the whole state and especially the state government.

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Letter: Thanks to all for making Trunk or Treat a huge success

The staff at Camp Verde Parks & Recreation wants to thank all of the public who made last night’s Trunk or Treat a huge success.

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Letter: Why is 12th Street a mess again?

Why has Cottonwood torn up 12th Street again? Two years ago, they took a long time to rebuild it and now it is a mess again with no bike lanes and a rough surface to drive on.

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Letter: Rules of the road need to apply equally to bikers

A short while ago this morning I was tooling down 89A toward Cottonwood, maintaining normally a steady speed of 45 mph per the posted limit.

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Letter: It’s sad to see what Sedona has become

My first visit to Sedona was in 1986. There wasn’t much here. The Rainbow Room and the Art Barn provided nightlife and culture in that order.

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Letter: Thank you for your overwhelming vote of confidence

I am now one of your elected representatives on the MUHS school board. You overwhelmingly voted me into this position.

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Letter: We have to DO democracy every day

Following the 2016 election of Trump we saw a surge in membership in the League of Women Voters locally and nationally

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Letter: Two stop signs a poor solution to speeding cars

I am concerned with the cars traveling down our road. For one we have no sidewalks and people use our street as a short cut to the hospital, college, cement plant or wherever they go when accessing the Willard extension.