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    Storm damages 1,000 trees at VOC’s Oakcreek Country Club golf course

    VILLAGE OF OAK CREEK -- The Oakcreek Country Club in the Village of Oak Creek has been closed since Feb. 22 while staff cleans up the damage to almost 1,000 trees at the Trent Jones-designed golf course known for its tree-lined fairways.

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    Big Park Council votes no on Patel property zoning proposal

    Community expresses concerns over Red Rock views, VOC's small-town character

    It was Valentine’s Day … 8:30 on a rainy, cold morning with no parking nearby. Yet, Villagers were coming to the local Fire Station on Slide Rock in significant numbers for the Big Park Council meeting, to listen and speak their minds on two issues that affect the future direction and character of the Village of Oak Creek.

    Village Veterinary Clinic gets favorable review from Big Park Community Council

    Thursday, Feb. 14, the Big Park Coordinating Council voted unanimously to approve an application by Dr. Reed Scudder (Village Veterinary Clinic) to redevelop a long vacant building on SR179 into a new, modern and well-equipped veterinary clinic.

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    Letter: Hotel project does not represent 'intelligent growth'

    Regarding the proposed Hilton Garden Inn at the corner of Hwy. 179 and Jacks Canyon Road, I have read the package thoroughly and have some comments.

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    Letter: Applicant should go back to drawing board for Hilton Garden Inn

    On February 14, 2019, at a meeting at the Village of Oak Creek Fire Station, the Big Park Regional Coordinating Council recommended to Yavapai County that the application of the owners of the vacant lot located at the corner of Jack’s Canyon Road and SR 179A, to rezone the property to commercial use and to waive various restrictions to allow construction of a 3-story hotel, be denied.

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    Letter: Our experience exact opposite of picture painted by VOCA president

    This is an open letter to the Village of Oak Creek Community regarding comments from Gwen Hanna, VOCA President, published in the January 1, 2019 issue of the Villager. Specifically, she paints a rosy picture of how the partnership between VOCA and HOAMCO and how it “ensures adherence with our governing documents”. She also touts how this “functional HOA can dramatically increase the value of homes."

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    Letter: Hotel project unfair competition, uneven playing field

    I have been in Northern Arizona and the hospitality business since 1991. I am an owner, developer of a management company.  I also own the Holiday Inn Express in the Village of Oak Creek.  I wholeheartedly believe in the free market economy and understand the application by Mrs. Patel for a zone change to build a hotel.

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    Big Park Council reflects community's voice

    To say the least, the Feb. 14 meeting of the Big Park Regional Coordinating Council was well attended. On the meeting agenda were two Planning and Zoning Committee resolutions dealing with separate and very different applications.

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    VOCA survey provides valuable insight to community issues

    In order to better understand the interests and opinions of the VOCA membership, the board with assistance from HOAMCO, conducted two surveys.

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    Green Bag project sets record pace in VOC

    After a record-setting December collection, the 33 neighborhood coordinators representing the VOC within the Verde Valley Neighborhood Food Project continue as some of the program’s strongest supporters.

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    VOCA Board Candidate Tim Caggiano

    I am running for the VOCA Board with the intention of serving our entire community including the ~45% of VOCA members who are not fulltime residents, as well as those who work full-time or are homebound.

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    VOCA Board Candidate Sean Baguley

    I was Chairman of the Hyde Heath Village Society, where I lived in England, for about 9 years. As Chairman, I was the interface between the Village and the local county and town authorities.

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    VOCA Board Candidate Michael P. White

    My wife Melanie and I have been married for 36 years. We bought our retirement home in the Village of Oakcreek in 2011 moving here full time in 2013.

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    VOCA Board Candidate Matt Werner

    My professional background has involved property management, sales and marketing, mortgage and title, veterinary medicine, retail management and labor.

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    VOCA Board Candidate Kevin O’Connor

    I received my BEE in 1974 from General Motors Institute and my MSEE in 1975 from Stanford University, retiring after 26 years with Bell Laboratories.

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    VOCA Board Candidate John Rogers

    My wife Vicki and I bought our home in the Village in March, 2011. We moved here permanently in 2015. This is our home, we are here throughout the year.

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    VOCA Board Candidate Jim Kautz

    I’ve been a member of the VOCA Finance Committee since January, 2011.

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    VOCA Board Candidate James Dennis

    As a resident of the Village of Oak Creek for more than 17 years, I am looking to take a more active role in the community by serving on the Village of Oak Creek Association Board.

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    VOCA Board Candidate Greg Mann

    Hello, I am Greg Mann. My wife, Patricia, and I moved to the Village of Oak Creek in 2016 as permanent residents.

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    VOCA Board Candidate Earl LaVon Nelson II

    Home Town: Pascagoula, Ms.

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    VOCA Board Candidate David R. Hanke

    My early childhood years were spent in an US Air Force family, while my father was in Strategic Air Command. Like most military families we moved frequently.

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    VOCA Board Candidate Brian Morse

    I was raised in Liverpool UK, attended Bootle Grammar School.

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    Fantastic dining options on the Emerald Isle

    Ireland isn’t well known for its food; however, times are “a changing”! Danny and I found fantastic dining options as we recently traversed the Emerald Isle.

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    Villagers honor for contributions to Keep Sedona Beautiful

    Wednesday January 30, Keep Sedona Beautiful presented its Awards of Excellence, recognizing businesses and individuals whose activities have contributed significantly to our community.

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    Servant leadership a way of life for Villager Herbert Baum

    At 92, Dr. Herbert Baum is obsessed with education and actively assisting others with their educational opportunities.