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    Verde Valley Green Bag Project collects 12,000+ pounds of food in December

    Generous individual donors throughout Cottonwood, Sedona, and the Village of Oak Creek made the holidays a little brighter for local residents by contributing 12,220 pounds of non-perishable food items at the Verde Valley Neighborhood Food Project’s December collections, the group reports.

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    Bubble rolls play big role in family traditions

    Traditions have always been an important part of the Redenbaugh family. Including bubble rolls.

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    Perseverance key ingredient to character of Villager Steve Murphy

    Steve Murphy has great respect for people who struggled and sacrificed, survivors who gave of themselves for future generations, placed others above themselves, lived genuine integrity and loved their families beyond description.

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    Be Fit Fit: Building your strong house, brick by brick

    During my initial intake of Be Fit Fit clients, those with weight loss-related goals are surprised when I ask them not to go on a diet -- at all. I also insist that they never come to my studio to train feeling hungry or hanrgy -- hungry-angry.

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    Letter: Your participation, contributions ensures Villager is YOUR newspaper

    Your community needs you.  For more than 16 years, our Village of Oak Creek newspaper, The Villager, has proudly covered the news written by and for our unique citizenry.

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    Letter: Your voice counts so long as you make it heard

    The front page of The Villager on November 1, 2018 had the “Verde Valley/Sedona School Report Cards,” which shows how bad the school ratings are (except for our previous neighborhood school which received an A).

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    A busy 2019 with new leadership at Big Park Council

    On December 13th, 2018, at its regular meeting, the Board elected its new officers for 2019: Marc Fuller: President, Jim Cunningham: Vice President, Dave Norton: Treasurer, Secretary: Crystal Hoyle.

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    HOA’s offer a sense community, property value protection

    People often ask, “Why is my neighborhood in an HOA and what do I get for my assessments?”

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    Community collaboration builds Western Gateway trails

    Work has begun on nearly 30 miles of new National Forest trail thanks to collaboration of local and national partners.

    Yavapai County News Your Can Use: County Assessor's Office

    As the Village of Oak Creek/Big Park is an unincorporated town in Yavapai County, its governing authority falls under the Yavapai County Board of Supervisors.

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    Clark’s Market in the Village promises culinary excitement and whole new look

    After months of renovation to the former Weber’s IGA Market, Clark’s Market is rounding the final corner on their massive remodel.

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    Dine In/Dine Out with The Dunnery: Tortas de Fuego at last

    What is that? Sandwiches on fire? They can be or not, depending on your taste buds! The Dunnery welcomes the Jimenez-Sanchez family and their restaurant, Tortas de Fuego, to the VOC.

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    Village People: Edie Knell, surviving life’s challenges

    A first-generation American, Edie Knell has stories. Edie’s mom (Denmark) immigrated here with her parents in 1924, age 13. Her dad (Germany) finished third grade, became an apprentice carpenter by 11, left a home of eight brothers (all of whom later died at the Russian Front) and two sisters, joined the Danish merchant marines, jumping ship in Canada in 1932, age 19, embarking on a life in America.

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    Fannie Belle Gulick: The belle of Bell Rock Country

    Fannie Belle Gulick, one of the more colorful characters in Sedona’s recent past, had a major role in the development of both Big Park and West Sedona.

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    Oakcreek Country Club Women’s Club celebrates 50 years of great golf

    Oakcreek Country Club is celebrating 50 years of golf in the Village of Oak Creek. Recapping our successful 4th Quarter 2018:

    Keep Sedona Beautiful awards of excellence

    Keep Sedona Beautiful (KSB) honors businesses, organizations and individuals in the Greater Sedona Area who have helped to fulfill its mission.

    Library presents Arizona Humanities speaker programs

    Sedona Public Library is pleased to announce a wonderful series of Arizona Humanities speaker programs for 2019. AZ Speaks is the longest-running and most popular program of Arizona Humanities. Speakers are selected based on their expertise and ability to offer content that inspires and entertains audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

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    Deb Splain: Gazing into the world

    “We each see something of ourselves in the world around us and it is always changing,” muses Deb Splain, as she reflects upon her experiences as an artist. “I was always painting and drawing as a child, majored in art at college in Illinois and spent some time teaching kids. I was mentored and supported and became more open to looking, really looking, at everything around me.”

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    YCSO reports Christmas Eve burglaries in VOC area

    On Christmas Eve, the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office responded to several burglaries in the Village of Oak Creek.

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    Guest house not welcome: County P&Z nixes use permit in Pine Valley subdivision

    COTTONWOOD -- It was a classic lesson of caveat emptor (let the buyer beware).

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    Villager Justine Kushner receives Friends of the Forest Distinguished Volunteer Award

    Friends of the Forest has been honored with the Under Secretary’s Award by the Department of Agriculture for fostering volunteerism.

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    Learn the rest of the story about 'Vanished Arizona'

    Imagine living in Arizona in the 1870s. Martha Summerhayes, the young bride of an Army lieutenant, did just that and shared her adventures in her book “Vanished Arizona: Recollections of the Army Life of a New England Woman.” This classic book was first published in 1908 and reprinted several times. Martha’s book is still being read, discussed, and enjoyed today.

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    Revealing the heart of an artist

    Local Village artist Maryann Undrill is well known for her landscapes and still life works. Her paintings clearly reveal how she is inspired by natural shapes and light, with a seemingly effortless ability to capture the beauty of her surroundings and translate them through her brushes.

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    Nazarene Church to host Community Christmas Eve Candlelight Service

    Christmas is a special time for those in the Christian faith. It’s one of the major church holidays and the time of year when they celebrate the birth of Jesus.

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    Village People: Meet Matt Werner, the power of grace and respect for other people

    If you’re looking for interesting insights, deep thoughts, life wisdom, or congenial conversation, Matt Werner is your man. This five-year resident of the Village is looking to get involved in ways to help people and his community.