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    2 teens in custody following arson, vandalism at Big Park School

    Officials estimate at least $1500 in damages

    Two teens were arrested after an estimated $1500 worth of criminal damage and arson was discovered at Big Park School in Village of Oak Creek last Wednesday, according to the Yavapai County Sherriff’s Office.

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    Keep Sedona Moving group takes action to curb SR179 traffic

    Keep Sedona Moving (KSM) is a grass roots organization formed by four Big Park/Village residents who, like a lot of their neighbors, are becoming increasingly disenchanted with the traffic congestion along Highway 179 and how it has eroded the quality of life they sought in Big Park.

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    2018 Election: Sedona Fire District

    One of the most important and scariest moments in our lives is when we have to dial 911. That’s when you want the Sedona Fire District Firemen & Emergency Medical Services to be fast and qualified with the best equipment and training to save your home, your property, your life.

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    Opinion: Collective working to find perfect retail fit for VOC

    As general manager of The Collective, it is my ultimate goal to give our community what they want and need. I hoped to find out that The Collective fit the criteria of each of the stores listed in The Villager Shopping Priorities Poll so I could get on the phone and start negotiations.

    Letter to the Editor: Every possible option to solve traffic woes deserves consideration

    The one statement from Bill Chameides that is true is “The VOC has a traffic problem.” His “experience” that has shown that new roads simply encourage more traffic is absolutely unfounded and absurd.

    Letter to the Editor: Maybe we can make this a 'locals only' bridge

    If you look at any Village of Oak Creek street map you will see that there are two main roads that go to Sedona.  But, one of those roads need a bridge where there used to be a bridge.

    Letter: Sometimes you can’t have your cake and eat it too

    I have lived here for 18 years, and seeing how VOC is growing is both good and bad. Our recent meeting to discuss the Hilton was met with many who seem on one hand to want a new grocery store, apparel stores et., and yet are opposed to hotels coming in.

    Letter to the Editor: One way or another, we need another road

    The only reasonable solution is either access to West Sedona for locals via Verde Valley Road or create an access path via Beaver Creek.

    Open letter to Sedona-Oak Creek School Board

    By now the members of the Governing Board of SOCUSD are aware of a coalition of Big Park/Village Community (Village) parents, grandparents and concerned volunteers who have focused their efforts under the name of the Big Park Education Exploratory Committee (Committee) to open a school in our neighborhood.

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    Road, traffic update from Supervisor Garrison

    Since many VOCA members missed our last Board meeting, I thought it worthwhile to highlight a visit from County Supervisor Randy Garrison.

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    Let’s create a gardening community here

    Community gardens in urban areas provide many benefits to neighborhoods where everyone lives in apartments.

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    Dieter Lehman has Sedona spirit

    Steakhouse 89 is located In the former location of Barking Frog at 2620 W. SR 89A and last May we dined on wonderful halibut shortly after Dieter Lehman, a former Texas restaurateur, had purchased it.

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    Starting a Roth IRA for a child or grandchild

    Do you have a child or grandchild earning some income? Indirectly, that after-school or summer job might present a savings opportunity for that teenager. You could help your child or grandchild save for future goals by assisting them to create and fund a Roth IRA.

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    Meet your Big Park Council Rep. Bob Kraft

    I have been the representative to Big Park council from Canyon Mesa Townhouse Association for seven years.  Canyon Mesa is on Jacks Canyon Rd. and surrounds a nine-hole executive golf course. 

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    Village People: Laura Dong -- A delightfully surprising woman of many talents

    “That’s what drives me. I want to be different. I’ve always been different. I like breaking stereotypes, taking jobs that aren’t expected,” said Laura Dong, the self-proclaimed “token Asian Jeep driver for Pink Jeeps.” Give her one minute and she’ll crack at least two jokes that somehow address Asian stereotypes. She’ll make you laugh, feel awkward for laughing and yet, her own laughter and eyes invite you to give in to it and laugh with her. She says her dream is stand-up comedy, except she’s terrified of public speaking. She IS very funny.

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    Red Mountain Music Academy to open Oct. 1 in music room of former Big Park School

    Red Mountain Music Academy opened its doors on October 1, 2018. The school is located in the former music room at the Big Park Community School campus.

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    Arizona played a key role in sending humans to the moon

    Many of us remember where we were on July 20, 1969, when Neil Armstrong made history by being the first man to walk on the moon. We are familiar with his words, “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

    New tenants, charitable events and more at Collective in October

    The Collective’s resident artist, Bearcloud, has opened his newest concept: Santa Fe Trail Women’s Wear.

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    Local church moving to Big Park School Campus

    The House Church will be moving from its current location in Bell Rock Plaza to the multi-purpose room at Big Park Community School.

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    In the swing of things with Oakcreek Country Club Women’s Golf Association

    The Oakcreek Country Club Women’s Golf Association (OCCWGA) stays active during our hot summer months. With so many of our members going to cooler places during the summer, those who stay do enjoy many opportunities for fun and competition.

    Red Rock District Ranger Nicole Branton presentation planned at KSB Speaker Series

    Join Keep Sedona Beautiful (“KSB”) for Nicole Branton’s annual update on “The State of the Red Rocks” as part of KSB’s Preserving the Wonder™ Speaker Series on Wednesday, October 10.

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    Clark’s Market: Remodeling to bring new grocery store to VOC

    You’ve probably noticed that something is changing at your former Weber’s IGA Grocery, now a Clark’s Market.

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    VOC Community Potluck scheduled September 16

    The Village’s sixth annual Community Potluck brings the community together to connect as next-door neighbors, introduce people to each other, laugh, enjoy life together, celebrate who we are and build community.

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    Opinion Commentary -- VOC residents: Beware of developers hawking new roadways

    The VOC has a traffic problem: the seasonal rush of tourists going from I-17 to West Sedona routinely brings traffic along 179 to a snail’s pace.

    Letter to the Editor: Growth and development only add to VOC traffic woes

    I find it ironic that you would follow your lead article entitled "Effort underway to find new route from VOC to West Sedona" with the article "Local opinions STRONG regarding shopping, service priorities."