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Tom Graham, President, Big Park Regional Coordination Council

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You can help write effective survey on alternative route issue

The survey about an alternate route from Big Park/Village to West Sedona will soon be published in the Villager. We’re asking you for your input on the questions to ask, but before you send them in, read this first.

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Another push for an alternative crossing to ease VOC traffic

KSM has been looking at projected population growth in Arizona, particularly in the Phoenix area, and KSM believes that will turn into “nightmarish” traffic in the greater Sedona area throughout the year rather than just the high tourist seasons.

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County use permit process ensures community & traffic standards

The Big Park Council received from Yavapai County an application for a “Master Sign Program Use Permit” on the Sedona Vista Village property at the northeast side of the SR 179 and Jacks Canyon Road intersection.

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Council seeks positive working relationships with all VOC neighbors

Transition is always accompanied by uncertainty, but information widely available gives us a sense of confidence when change occurs.

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Big Park Council hears presentations on jail sales tax, Red Rock trail maintenance

The Big Park Regional Coordinating Council’s January meeting was also it’s Annual Meeting.

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It's up to you to closely monitor how your money is being spent

This month I am going to talk about “OPM” or “Other People’s Money” which refers to governmental taxing entities. OPM in that context means the governmental taxing entity is over-spending your and my assets unwisely without adequate oversight. We can see examples of this in our own backyard. There are two local governmental entities with the power to levy property taxes: the Sedona Fire District (SFD) and the Red Rock Road Enhancement Maintenance District (RRREMD).

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Traffic jam the result of man-made bottlenecks in Sedona

For the past several months, the No. 1 topic of conversation in the Village is the traffic congestion on SR 179 and 89A, originating at the double-roundabouts at the “Y." Many have commented that they now do not drive on 179 or 89A to Sedona for fear of being caught up in a 45-60 minute traffic jam in the northbound lane of each highway.

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Community owes debt of gratitutde to former Big Park President Bert Berkshire

Do you know the history of the Pledge of Allegiance? Colonel George Balch, a Civil War veteran, originally composed it in 1887. Francis Bellamy wrote a Christian socialist minister a competing Pledge in 1892. The two versions existed until the National Flag Conference in 1923 at which the Bellamy version won out.

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'Participatory democracy' at heart of Big Park Council's success in shaping community's future

Change is a fact of life: change in our personal lives; change in our work lives; and change in where we live, here in the Big Park/Village part of the Greater Sedona Area.