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Christopher Elliott

Christopher Elliott is the chief advocacy officer for Elliott Advocacy in Sedona. Email him at or get help with any consumer problem by contacting him at

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After Elizabeth Scott opens savings accounts for her kids, Bank of America completely depletes them with an $8 monthly “maintenance” fee. Is there any hope she can recover the money?

By Christopher Elliott September 18, 2022
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Airbnb suspends Maksym Bidnychenko’s account, but it won’t tell him why. Now it won’t even respond to him. Is there any way to get his account reinstated?

By Christopher Elliott September 4, 2022
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Hertz sends Marcus Hall a 10-year-old bill. But it can’t substantiate the $6 charge. Now he’s on the Do Not Rent list. Can I help him untangle this?

By Christopher Elliott August 28, 2022
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John Hudson’s Samsung electric stove doesn’t work. And Samsung can’t diagnose the problem. Does he deserve a refund?

By Christopher Elliott August 14, 2022
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Kay Talley returns a component of her Samsung 980 back to the company. The company receives it -- and then does nothing. Is she entitled to a refund or a return?

By Christopher Elliott August 7, 2022
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Sheila Mackay is trying to get a refund from Expedia after canceling a hotel reservation. But so far, she’s only received half her money. What’s going on?

By Christopher Elliott July 17, 2022
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Avis wants Dominic Changco to pay $14,700 after one of its rentals gets water damage. But why did it take five years to get the paperwork?

By Christopher Elliott June 26, 2022
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When Diane Ashton asks Ticketmaster for a refund, it returns the money she spent on her Jim Gaffigan event tickets, but not her gift cards. Are the cards refundable or not?

By Christopher Elliott June 19, 2022
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Carol Egan accidentally booked an expensive and nonrefundable room at a Hampton Inn. Can she fix the mistake or is she stuck with a $264 bill?

By Christopher Elliott June 12, 2022
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When Olga Levy returns a Gucci bag to TJ Maxx, she expects a prompt refund. Instead, the company stalls. What’s going on?

By Christopher Elliott June 6, 2022

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