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David Kanowsky

David Kanowsky is the Kudos Movie Critic, The Movie Man.

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We seem to be in a season of superhero movies here in the Verde Valley. It can mean happy times for younger viewers who have lived with a limited number of these productions so far. Shazam is a deviation from the usual ‘champion’ film because it includes a lot of humor. The super guy is not always in total command of a situation and it takes a while for him to understand the extent of his power.

By David Kanowsky April 8, 2019
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Dumbo starts off with a series of scenes showing the main characters in the plot and their relation to each other and to Dumbo. The time is 1919, after the great war in Europe. Holt Farrier (Colin Farrell) returns to the United States, greeted by his two children, Milly and Joe. Holt has lost an arm in combat and it is questionable if he can return to his career as a stunt rider in the circus.

By David Kanowsky April 1, 2019
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Captain Marvel is a film that attaches the historic comic book name to a female hero. That is OK, although rather unusual, especially since she is never called by that name in the movie.

By David Kanowsky March 18, 2019
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Alita: Battle Angel is a bloated futuristic tale of good vs. evil. It is a rather simple, straightforward story, loaded with extensive visual effects, over-the-top martial arts fights with robotic giants, a bit of romance and a lot of noise and loud music.

By David Kanowsky February 18, 2019
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Stan & Ollie is a film to see if you remember and loved the comic duo, Laurel & Hardy, or even if you didn’t love them. The outstanding portrayal of the two men — makeup, posture and especially the acting together almost made me believe that I was watching the legendary pair themselves.

By David Kanowsky February 4, 2019
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Dick Cheney was a congressman from Wyoming for eight years, but is best remembered for his two terms as vice-president under President George W. Bush. It was in the early years of that tenure (September 11, 2001) that we were attacked by the Mideast terrorists and faced the terrible dire days thereafter.

By David Kanowsky January 28, 2019
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Mary Queen of Scots is a film that scores high on production values, like cinematography, costumes, makeup, scenery, etc.

By David Kanowsky January 21, 2019
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On the Basis of Sex is the story of a young woman who wants to be a lawyer and that is one focus of her life. She is married with a young child and that is equally important to her.

By David Kanowsky January 14, 2019
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Mary Poppins Returns was a surprising delight for me. I did not believe that any film could match the wonder of the 1964 Julie Andrews film. This version of the Poppins story comes close.

By David Kanowsky January 2, 2019
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The Mule shows us that age does not necessarily have to be a limit on one’s talent or career. Look at Clint Eastwood, who at age 88 , directed and stars in this film. The story, based on true events, is about a 90-year old WWII veteran, who has a successful business and falls on hard times.

By David Kanowsky December 17, 2018

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