Denise Domning

Denise Domning writes, makes jelly and watches the weeds overtake her garden on her 8 acre farm in Cornville while tending to her 100 turkeys, 3 cows, 20-some chickens, 2 dogs and 8 cats.

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Life in the Slow Lane: 'Too Stinking Cute'

I gotta ask. Are these not the most stinkingly cute critters you're ever seen? Ducklings! I got ducklings and it's not even Easter yet.

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Life in the Slow Lane: Burrowing Chicks

I thought I had them. But N-O-O-O. I have burrowing chicks.

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Life in the Slow Lane: The Great Ram Wrangle

First, I apologize that this post is a day late. Work came out of the woodwork yesterday, chores and tasks falling over each other, all needing to be completed NOW.

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Life in the Slow Lane: 'The Chicks Are Here'

I intended for my new chicks to arrive a few weeks ago, but their delivery date coincided with Oak Creek making its foray onto my property. Fortunately for me, I heeded the warning of the USGS and put off delivery until "sometime in early March." "Sometime" turned out to be Friday.

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Life in the Slow Lane: The joys of technology

It started with posts on Facebook. Folks from my local area were sharing maps of the predicted storm. It looked like a lot of snow was going to come down in a very short period of time.

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Life in the Slow Lane: Under water

Most of the time I love living next to Oak Creek. The water tumbles merrily in the cool shade of the tall trees as the otters hunt for crayfish.

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Life in the Slow Lane: Down, Moosie!

Before I get to the dog part of this story, I thought I'd update you all on my newly completed brooder coop. At last, after sorting through all the many bits and pieces of this and that cluttering my barn, buying as little as possible and when necessary from Restore, the coop is done and the barn is clean.

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Life in the Slow Lane: New Brooder Coop

If you remember, oh plucky reader, the last time I got chicks--the Brahmas--was two Januarys ago. For their first two weeks they lived in an old cast iron tub that had dirt in the bottom and was covered with several hardware cloth-filled frames to prevent cat intrusion. This worked really well. Not only did the cast iron tub have round corners, thus preventing chick death from all of them trying to squish into a square corner (a strange chick behavior), but the heat lamps warmed the cast iron which radiated even more heat back at the chicks. However, with thirty chicks they very quickly outgrew that small space and I soon moved them outside the barn into a thrown together pallet-and-baling-twine built coop inside a chicken run.

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Life in the Slow Lane:Snow Day

OK, be kind, dear relatives from Duluth. I know you sneer each time I mention it, but I have snow!

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Life in the Slow Lane: Tiny's Shadow

The conversion of Lonely Girl from pig to sheep is now complete, at least in her mind and much to Tiny's complete aggravation. That aggravation is complicated not just by Tiny's certainty that Lonely Girl isn't a sheep, but because the pig (She-ig? P-eep?) treats her the way Lonely Girl and her porcine sisters treated June the Cow.

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