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Glenda Farley

Glenda Farley is a columnist for The Verde Independent. Local historian Glenda Farley guides us on a journey back in time to discover fascinating moments that make up our Verde Valley history. Contact her via email at

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Blandon Picture House, the first art gallery built on Grasshopper Flats (now, West Sedona) opened to the public on May 30, 1952.

By Glenda Farley May 24, 2023
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The new hospital built during 1899 by the United Verde Copper Company was the most complete of its kind in the Southwest.

By Glenda Farley May 17, 2023
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Fred Ullman, formerly of Prescott, and a member of the city council of Jerome circulated a petition asking that “women be excluded from saloons” which met with general approval. There were only 3 saloons presenting vaudeville features in which women took leading parts. (Wkly Az Journal-Miner; Prescott; May 3, 1905.)

By Glenda Farley May 3, 2023
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The Mariani Building, located at 826 N. Main Street, is the only structure in the Cottonwood Commercial Historic District constructed of rusticated cast concrete block. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places on Sept. 19, 1986.

By Glenda Farley April 19, 2023
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“Like a monument reaching to the heavens, the massive stack of the neTw Clarkdale smelter of the United Verde Copper Company was completed on Wednesday, May 25, 1914. It is ready to carry away the fumes of the furnaces that are being constructed.” The new smelter began “warming up” and began smelting ore during May of 1915.

By Glenda Farley April 12, 2023
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According to the old-timers, rapid growth converting the rural village into a prosperous town began during 1915.

By Glenda Farley April 5, 2023
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For the year ending Dec. 31, 1904, the “Equator” smelter, west of Cottonwood, produced about 1,150,000 pounds of refined copper

By Glenda Farley March 29, 2023
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Residents were encouraged to buy and use local and Arizona products to benefit every citizen and promote greater industrial and agricultural development of the state.

By Glenda Farley March 22, 2023
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After negotiating in New York City to lease with an option to purchase the United Verde Copper Company, William A. Clark and his associates went to inspect the Jerome mines and smelter.

By Glenda Farley March 15, 2023
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Arizona became one of the foremost states in providing safeguards against diseases the War Department considered important.

By Glenda Farley March 8, 2023

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