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Debt ceiling. First enacted by Congress in 1917, it is the legal limit on the total amount of federal debt the government can accrue. Established to simplify the process and enhance borrowing flexibility. This is the federal government’s definition.

By Judy Bluhm May 28, 2023
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Oh Martha, 81-years never looked so good! When Martha Stewart, Lifestyle and Cooking icon, made it on the cover of Sports Illustrated, it was quite a landmark. Looking very sexy and lovely (in a bathing suit) it made me wonder, “Is 80 now the new 50?” Well, I can dream.

By Judy Bluhm May 21, 2023
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Westminster Abbey. The place where history is made. Last week we got to witness the Coronation. Oh, the gowns, the jewels, the clerical robes, military uniforms with epaulettes, plumes and swords. It was a meticulously planned event and although we might not completely grasp it, we can appreciate the traditions rarely seen elsewhere in modern life.

By Judy Bluhm May 14, 2023
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Look around. Spring has arrived! Poets call it the most romantic time of year, when tree blossoms, mild breezes and songbirds stir up positive emotions. We might want to take time out of our hectic schedules to appreciate the essence of these beautiful spring days.

By Judy Bluhm May 7, 2023
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What’s in your attic? Look carefully, Dear Readers, as a hidden treasure might be tucked inside an old box.

By Judy Bluhm April 30, 2023
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It is a weed. And it stinks. Invading our desert, yards and trails, like an army marching forward into every square inch of open space and snuffing out everything else. It boasts blooms that look like small yellow lollipops. It is called stinknet, or globe chamomile. It proves that sometimes “pretty” can be bad. Arizona, we have a problem.

By Judy Bluhm April 23, 2023
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Freedom. What we live and die for. Not available to all living creatures. Experienced by many. Taken for granted by some. Now an orca named Lolita in Florida might have a taste of freedom after 52 years in captivity.

By Judy Bluhm April 16, 2023
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Tax Day. Oh, let the fun begin. If you are still scrambling to get your taxes filed, I hate to remind you that you are running out of time!

By Judy Bluhm April 9, 2023
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Potholes: A depression in a road surface where traffic has removed pieces of the pavement (or caused ruts in the dirt). They are usually caused by water, freezing and thawing.

By Judy Bluhm April 2, 2023

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