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Magdalena Romanska

Be Fit Fit! blogger Magdalena 

Romanska writes about fitness-related topics from some healthy ideas for a breakfast, why is it good to take that daily walk, weight train, pick up those kettle bells, inspiring exercises.

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Women and lifting weights do not mix at all. You shouldn’t even try it. Or if you must, do more reps using light weights so you don’t even break a sweat. And do not forget, it is not good for ladies to squat. Leave all that to the other gender; they are just better at it …

By Magdalena Romanska September 2, 2019
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During the initial evaluation, some Clients tell me that they seem to be doing everything right in terms of their fitness, but they don’t have much (or any) results.

By Magdalena Romanska August 12, 2019
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The difference was major, at least from my Mommy-On-Duty perspective. I went in there with my 16-year-old daughter, Amaya. Few days earlier, both of us decided to do it. You know, she had been preparing for the Grand Canyon Rim-To-Rim with her school, our beloved VVS, which is to happen in May this year. She kept hiking around the Baldwin Trail three times at a time with her friends, in circles. Or the Hiline slopes.

By Magdalena Romanska March 26, 2019
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So, the researchers pronounced themselves. The verdict is in.

By Magdalena Romanska November 13, 2018
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In the beginning of October, Magdalena Romanska, owner of the Be Fit Fit Training Studio in VOC and Realtor® at the Russ Lyon Sotheby’s International in Sedona, participated in the three-day Grand Circle Trailfest. The event’s headquarters were in Kanab, where the organizers build a “tent city” to host the runners. Festivities, expo, night time movies, s’mores, and massages were all located right there to the delight of the relatively spoiled athletes.

By Magdalena Romanska October 20, 2018
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I am addicted to colors. From painting the first condominium which we owned back in Montreal in 16 (sixteen) colors, which, everybody was saying, were “nicely blending and talking to each other”, through dressing like I was a walking rainbow, to the colors of my food.

By Magdalena Romanska October 19, 2018
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What?!?!?! Yes, we, actually, should be getting 20-30% of our daily calories from fat! And these calories will not make you… fat! Actually, if you eat excess calories form any source, being it carbs, fat, even proteins – you will, undoubtfully, gain weight. Yep. Tough luck.

By Magdalena Romanska September 17, 2018
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So, here we go again: Standing at the Whole Grocers in front of that intimidating wall, featuring several rows of like-looking large cntainers, each container containing that “something” inside.

By Magdalena Romanska June 11, 2018
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Eating raw carrots. It pays off. Really…

By Magdalena Romanska May 23, 2018
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Multiple times a year, I participate in long-distance endurance races.

By Magdalena Romanska April 30, 2018

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