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Magdalena Romanska

Be Fit Fit! blogger Magdalena 

Romanska writes about fitness-related topics from some healthy ideas for a breakfast, why is it good to take that daily walk, weight train, pick up those kettle bells, inspiring exercises.

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On the social “niceness” scale of unbearable lightness of being, reaching out/leaning forward/lending a hearing ear/crying shoulder score high. On the physical scale, leaning forward brings on the back pain, kyphosis, and neck strain. Isn’t it the cry of your body to bend forward less?

By Magdalena Romanska July 27, 2021
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Without Mg, our muscles cannot get the energy from all the wonderful, healthy foods that we consume. Mg is crucial in daily energy metabolism.

By Magdalena Romanska January 18, 2021
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Addiction is never good. And the specific addiction I am talking about here is hard to spot. It just seems that you are committed to your wellness and fitness. Therefore, it is socially acceptable and even reinforced. Kudos to those who train, run, weight lift, and bike… right?

By Magdalena Romanska November 30, 2020
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I wonder if, recently, you feel somewhat dissociated? I certainly have been getting this feeling over the last couple of months. It works this way: you feel that you are starting your day at some 80%-100% “Charged Positive”. By the end of the day, you are at zero, or, like a title of a song which I used to like when I was a kid, at a “Less Than Zero”. An obvious deficit.

By Magdalena Romanska November 2, 2020
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The word “diet” implies restriction, discomfort, a notion of temporariness and, in general, it sucks.

By Magdalena Romanska September 3, 2020
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It is important how we choose to react to what is going on and if we remain friendly, caring, and loving throughout. During uncertain times, we see more of both the hostility and the caring attitude, of the me-not-you approach and the opposites of ow we can be helpful and supporting to each other.

By Magdalena Romanska August 31, 2020
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Labels are so subjective and they easily come and go.

By Magdalena Romanska June 30, 2020
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You often address me “Miss Fit-Fit” – stemming directly from the name of my business, the Be Fit Fit Studio in the Village of Oak Creek. When my clients see a doctor (or just complain to their significant other), they would often report back to me that they shared with the doctor/partner/friend what “Miss Fit-Fit” does to them during their training/torture sessions with me.

By Magdalena Romanska March 3, 2020
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In the fitness-related field, you might observe excessive preoccupation with training or with the amount of time spent at the gym. You might also notice almost obsessive fixation on any type of diets/cleanses/quality and quantity of foods consumed.

By Magdalena Romanska January 2, 2020
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Happy ad Fit-Fit Holidays to you, my beloved Friends! Tomorrow, I am launching myself out onto yet another awaited, anticipated, and planned to detail transcontinental adventure.

By Magdalena Romanska December 27, 2019

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