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Ted Grussing

Ted Grussing is a Photographer, Soaring Pilot, Attorney, Custom Jewelry Designer and Caregiver.

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Snack time ... nope, not another hawk eats quail shot or bobcat eats squirrel shot … just a simple squirrel in the peach tree out back having an afternoon snack mid-September of this year.

By Ted Grussing November 12, 2019
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Ordinarily you will see ducks and other winged creatures come in for beautiful landings even in crowded conditions.

By Ted Grussing October 29, 2019
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Two names ... … one bird … Sparrow Hawk or American Kestrel … both refer to our smallest falcon in North American.

By Ted Grussing October 22, 2019
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Four forests ... one atmosphere ... and the one atmosphere is all we get and because of the well meaning efforts put into place by the Four Forests Restoration Initiative, overseen by Greater Flagstaff Forests Partnership and with a whole host of environmental organizations and agencies, we are coming to the moment when it must be acknowledged that more harm is being done than good.

By Ted Grussing October 14, 2019
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Today was one of those absolutely beautiful days … woke up with the sound of rain drumming the roof of my warm cabin in the woods overlooking the Upper Eau Claire lake … a couple of rollovers and a decision to rest up from the effort of waking up. It was cold, rainy and windy … checked the weather channel app, so I knew.

By Ted Grussing September 30, 2019
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Not all days are productive and there are days when I just shoot for the sake of shooting something … this hen dove is one such example.

By Ted Grussing September 10, 2019
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In this place of golden silence as a great blue heron slips quietly across calm waters at sunset

By Ted Grussing August 21, 2019
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Stealth Mode: … this Black Hawk has his wings fully extended, max glide ratio and closing in on an unsuspecting target … food for the day soon to be added to his shopping cart.

By Ted Grussing August 12, 2019
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… I got this shot over the weekend of one of my favorite predators launching an attack on a Gambel’s quail.

By Ted Grussing July 22, 2019
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This Gambel’s quail was sitting on top of the desert olive bush in the back yard, looking back at One and me and asking the question, “do you really want to try to get me?” well in response I shot him and One was frustrated by her inability to climb up through the safe haven of that bush.

By Ted Grussing June 24, 2019

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